14907138_10210150721341005_6784354778387403764_nNetusha Naidu

If she’s not binging on books or tv, Netusha is most likely anxious about university life! As an aspiring historian, she is an avid researcher with a taste in culture, philosophy and politics. She imagines a different kind of Malaysia, that is accommodating, inclusive and sincere. Much of her thinking is attributed to her belief in human agency to change the world today through themselves. As Verse (13:11) of the Quran goes, “God does not change the condition of a nation unless it changes what is in its heart”. Netusha is currently reading International Relations at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.


 Dennis Ong

Dennis is driven by his curiosity and exploratory self to venture out and learn about all things cultural and historical. During his free time, he goes out to photograph what fascinates him and readily absorb whatever unfolds. Malaysia is a land of unique diversity and hybridity which should be well-appreciated and cared. “The unexamined life is not worth living,” Dennis believes that knowledge, virtue, and the truth should be pursued passionately and relentlessly to lead a good life!

fiona-photoFiona Wong

Many things make Fiona tick. From literary theory to big wall climbing, there will be something you can talk to her about. More than anything, she is an outspoken feminist trying to contribute as much as she can to the demise of structures that have buried the voices of peoples around the world, such as imperialism, colonialism, and patriarchy. She believes questioning the history that has been written for us, and actively taking steps to understand the past on one’s own terms, is crucial to the subversion of these structures. When all this gets too overwhelming, word play is her poison.


Imran Rasid

After 24 years of strictly observing a non-veggie diet, Imran is just glad that he still feels healthy and rarely gets sick. He often says that veggies and him must have had a quarrel in his previous life, but Imran secretly hopes to reconcile with veggies when he’s old. Sometimes, as a hobby, Imran likes to annoy people with existential questions. Apart from that he enjoys reading anything related to history, philosophy and Slavoj Zizek. As for his profession, Imran hates to work in the 8-5pm setting, so he chose to pursue academia so that he can work for 24 hours everyday instead. Imran is currently enrolled in a MA program in Southeast Asian history at The University of Malaya.

saef-the-bitch-3Wan Saefullah

Saef is very passionate about his career and the philosophy behind the things he does. He began with a deep-rooted interest in the field of literature and linguistics in Arabic studies where he found that there was a compendium of knowledge on the philosophical, social, and political aspects of literature that need to be discovered. He discovered that through research and writing, he not only understood society better, but his commentaries on politics, social behaviorism, art and history helped himself and the people around him to understand the world better; through different views and perspectives. Lastly, Saef would like you to know that he intends to pursue a career in the field of writing and journalism or humanitarian works, education and academia; as he personally thinks that these are the fields that help make the world a better place.